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8 Tips in Getting That Perfect Summer Glow Instantly!

We all know getting a tan under long exposure to the sun or inside a tanning bed could be bad for your skin and your health in general. How about a more efficient approach to get that sunkissed glow before our holiday even begins? 

Here are 5 tips in getting that authentic-looking summer glow by spray tan or self-tanning products:-

1. Remove your body hair with a new razer a day prior to tanning to allow time for pores to close and prevent tan lotion sipping into them. If there are pre-existing tan from past application, try using lemon juice to fade away the remains.

2. Exfoliate your body head to toe with oil free exfoliator on the day and take a proper shower to clear away any body soaps or deodorants on skin that may cause discoloring.

3. Moisturize your skin properly, especially areas prone to dryness such as elbows, knees, hands and feet as dry skin typically absorbs more color. Avoid using oil based moisturizer as it may discolor the tanning products, use water based moisturizer instead. To find out if your moisturizer is water based or oil based, simply read the ingredient list of your moisturizer. Water based ones will have water listed first, oil based would have oil listed as one of the ingredients.

4. For beginners we recommend mousse base, once you gain more experience you may opt for tanning lotion or tanning spray. Application of each method will be slightly different, we recommend careful reading of their respective instructions to achieve the most optimal results.

5. The key to maintaining the perfect glow on skin with our without tan is by regular light exfoliation and frequent application of moisturizer. For a more long-lasting tan, other than avoiding oil based moisturizer, also avoid hitting the sea, swimming pools or hot baths.

6. Pay attention to areas that may give clues to fake tan. Tape the soles of your feet to avoid orange spots stained by fallen residue of tanning products or uneven application to the back. Ask for help or tight the mitt to a long stick.

7. To speed up the drying of tan, use the cool air function of your blow-dryer. Wear loose airy clothes afterwards to avoid scratching off the tan.

8. Contouring - now is your chance to do abs defining contouring. Extra application to the sides of your arms, sides of your thighs and under your cheekbones to create that slimming visual effect.

Have fun looking gorgeous this summer!

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