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New Year Repurposed: Eyeshadow Recycling

We at The Artistry promote a holistic approach to beauty. Other than taking good care of ourselves, we believe that we should also take care of our community and environment. At the beginning of each year, we set out to create a campaign that contributes to society, giving back in a meaningful way.This year, our message is simple. Recycling and up-cycling can be incorporated into our daily lives without needing to go to great lengths. Where seemingly not so useful items can be repurposed into something great, while also being relatively easy and fun to do. From the 8th of January 2019 to the 4th of February 2019, we sought donations of broken, unused or unwanted eyeshadow at two collection points, The Artistry and Airplay blow dry bar. We were blessed with support and encouragement from our beautiful patrons, who also spread this message through word of mouth. In total, over 140 boxes of eye shadows were collected.Together with Glam-it team and The Green Beauty Lab team, we girls have given these items a new life by turning them into beautiful nail polishes. The best part is that through the support of HER FUND, these nail polishes are donated to the Union of Nepalese Domestic Workers, Mission for Migrant Workers and Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centre where hundreds of underprivileged women will benefit from this initiative. This is how we did it!We broadcasted the message via e-flyer to stay eco-friendly and avoid unnecessary printing.  A recycling workshop at The Artistry - Shop 302, Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong, was held in the afternoon on the 30th of January 2019, which was attended by our collaborative partners and sponsors.   The eyeshadows were then individually removed from their respective cases and sorted into different color buckets. Next, we ground the sorted eyeshadow into powder form, then mixed it into nail polish together with essential oils.The transformation from clear nail polish to colored nail polish was particularly striking, whereas the colored nail polishes also had a noticeable color enhancement. We were able to achieve exciting new combinations, such as unicorn, mermaid, and marshmallow colors. If you would like to do this at home yourself, you can check out these two Youtube tutorials: DIY Nail Polish Using Eyeshadow Makeup & How to – Make Your Own Nail Polish. Thank you for your amazing support!Our appreciation goes out to all of our beautiful patrons who have taken the time and effort to donate eyeshadow for our Eyeshadow Recycling campaign, as well as our wonderful partners for supporting this campaign from both their company level and by personally joining us on the fun-filled afternoon at The Artistry in Landmark. This campaign wouldn't have been this successful without your support. Our sincerest heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.