Essential Home Facial System


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Product Description

A revolutionary all-in-one handheld facial device that offers 6 different modes: Clean, Moisture, Radio Frequency, EMS, Eye & Lip Care and Cooling functions.

Practically giving you all the essential beauty tools in just one box.


More effective cleaning and skincare aborption using Ion technology.

Improve facial contour, complexion and reduce wrinkles with the Radio Frequency and EMS mode.

Pore tightening, skin firming with the Cooling function.

Complete a facial treatment in just 15 mins at the convenience of your own home.

All-in-one design to maximize the variety of facial treatments for optimal results.

How to Use & Frequency

1. Remove make up with your favorite makeup remover. Then apply cleanser to a cotton pad insert it to the Ring Attachment Head to remove any remaining residue.

2. Apply your favorite moisturizer or serum with the Ring Attachment head for enhanced skincare absorption.

3. For lifting effect, apply the Eosika Glacial Gel in a mask-like layer to the treatment area. Perform treatment on face, neck, jawline, forehead with the Dual-Ball Head Attachment or on the eyes or smile lines with the Twin-Stick Attachment Head. Apply medium pressure to glide the device over in targeted area in upward and outward motion.

Treatment can be performed in isolation on targeted area or you may complete a full set of facial treatment.


Tips: When using RF and EMS mode (which is the Dual-Ball Attachment Head and Twin-Stick Attachment Head), apply Eosika Glacial gel which is specially designed to conduct RF and EMS into skin more effectively.