Ultralif HIFU Home Use Device


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Product Description

This handheld home use HIFU facial treatment device emits consistent energy (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to the deep, structural tissues and muscles underneath the skin,  stimulating the growth of new collagen. 

HIFU is a new type of non-surgical and non-invasive procedure and is very similar to Ulterapy. 

Reduce fine to deep wrinkles, skin lifting, relief under eye troughs, eye bags and dark circles, tighter, better-fitting skin, including your neck. The regeneration of collagen will take time and the result will continue to be enhanced even weeks after the home treatment.

How to Use & Frequency

Recommended to be used once every 28 days.

After treatment, your skin may appear flushed at first, the redness, slight swelling or tingling should disappear within a few hours. Avoid sauna or skin contact with hot water after the treatment. Remember to properly moisture skin or apply mask after each HIFU treatment.

Caution: It is not suitable for pregnant women, patients with heart disease.

 Instruction Video (Cantonese)


A complimentary Expert Treatment Mask will be presented upon purchase of Ultralif HIFU Home Use Device.