Argan Oil Thermal Shield 8 fl oz

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Product Description

The Argan Oil Thermal Shield is a hair lotion spray that protects your hair against flat-iron and blowdryer heat. This Argan Oil Thermal Shield uses 100 percent organic argan oil to help prevent damage, breakage and split ends. The sulfate-free formula adds botanical extracts of ginseng, anise, gingko biloba, Irish moss and peach to help rehydrate hair. 

These natural ingredients emit a soft fragrance that can be mood lifting.

Natural oils, proteins and vitamins help smooth and soothe frizzy and flyaway hair as they coat hair shafts and help stimulate hair follicles. Resulting in softer, more lustrous hair.

Argan Oil Thermal Shield is also ideal for helping protect hair during prolonged outdoor exposure to the sun’s drying, damaging UV rays and is safe for color-treated hair. Hair no longer has to take the heat—it’s got a protector. 


  • Healthy shiny looking hair
  • Reduce split-ends
  • More voluminous hair

How to Use & Frequency

1) After hair wash when hair is damp, apply a coin size amount to the tip of the hair.

2) Apply another coin size amount to the midsection of the hair

3) It is only necessary to apply to the root area of the hair for long exposure under the sun.