Half Ball Konjac Face Sponge


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Product Description

These facial sponges are designed in half ball shape for easy application on the face. Made with 100% Konjac, these sponges are slightly alkalize. This neutralizes the skin, washing away dirt and impurities without soap.
When hydrated, it will become very soft. Apply to the face and neck area in small strokes or circles, as you normally would with washcloth or your hands. 
Konjac sponge makes applying excessive pressure almost impossible.
For those who have skin irritations, abrasions, sunburn, bruising, facial injections, surgery, peels, or other beauty treatments, as well as for children and babies, pressure from the hands and fingers can be painful and can interfere with healing. 

The Bamboo Charcoal variation is infused with highly effective bamboo charcoal, specially formulated to impart the benefits of a super activated carbon 'carbo activatus' which offers a powerful and highly absorptive cleansing experience. Providing that extra oomph to help soak up excess oil and dirt, without drying the skin out. 


  • Great for sensitive or delicate skin including infants
  • 100% Earth & Skin Friendly
  • pH Balanced
  • No Chemical Nasties - Free of any Parabens, SLS, Fragrance
  • Vegan friendly
How to Use & Frequency
Use without any cleanser. if you decide to use your favorite cleanser, be sure to rinse off the residue properly after each use.
Use daily, once in the morning and once before bed


A Konjac sponge lasts for three months when used twice daily. If you notice excessive wear and tear, we suggest replacing it with a new one, as broken Konjac fibers can be abrasive.
It is best to keep the sponge as dry as possible. After each use, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out water, and allow it to dry completely by using the convenient string to hang it to dry. Do not hang over a heater or electric appliance. 

Extended moisture will degrade the Konjac fibers and can harbor dirt. Always dry your Konjac sponge after each use. Consider having two sponges to use alternatively if your environment prevents it from completely drying overnight. 

You can boil the Konjac sponge for 2 minutes or microwave a wet Konjac sponge for 1 minute. Do not leave the sponge in boiling water or microwave for any longer than the recommended time.