POSE Preparation Gel 130 ml


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Product Description

TriPollar Pose Preparation Gel (130ml) is uniquely formulated to prepare your skin for treatment with the Pose hand-held device. It must be used before all TriPollar treatment to ensure safety and optimal results. The Pose device has been clinically tested and has shown to decrease fat cells as well as making skin firmer, tighter and younger looking.

Beauty salons have been using this type of equipment for years. Now technology is able to compact and miniaturize these sorts of devices to a hand-held instrument that can be used comfortably at the convenience of your home. 

The way TriPollar Pose effectively encourages collagen production in the desired location treated, thus reducing fat cells.

Results vary amongst users; however, some people have seen visible results even after one treatment.

How to Use & Frequency

 Apply gel on clean and dry skin, use device to massage the body part you want to tone and see the results! It is recommended to perform a patch test on a small area of the skin 24 hours prior to initial treatment.

TriPollar Pose Preparation Gel is provided with TriPollar Pose skin device, which is used for getting rid of cellulite and reduce unwanted fat. It is also sold separately in case you run out.