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LaserBand 82


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Product Description

Stimulating hair growth has never been easier or faster. The LaserBand 82 hair band delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 82 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). This nourishing laser light stimulates hair follicles, reverses hair thinning, restores your hair’s natural growth cycle and promotes fuller, denser hair growth.

The unique band design incorporates patented hair parting teeth which part your hair during treatment to allow optimal laser light delivery to your follicles. Our 3 elements for efficacy - the hair parting teeth, laser light intensity and laser light density work in unison to provide a highly effective treatment for hair loss and thinning hair. Comfortable, portable and lightweight for home use or while traveling. 




  • Fuller, denser hair
  • Thicker, more shiny hair
  • Easy to apply and takes only 90 seconds in total


How to Use & Frequency

Step 1: Switch on the device. Avoid direct eye contact with the lights. Put the hairband on to cover the front part of the hair

Step 2: After 30 seconds, the hair band would vibrate, gently move it backward to cover the middle section of the head

Step 3: After another 30 seconds, the hair band would vibrate, gentle move it backward to cover the last section of the head

It is recommended to use every other day. Typically, you will observe result after 3 to 4 weeks of treatments.