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Eye Brightener


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Product Description

This is a handheld device is designed for the eyes, giving you precisely-timed warm or cool treatments at optimal temperatures. Its rounded, concave shape prevents your sensitive inner eye from receiving too much pressure.


  • Alleviate dark circles
  • Prevent early fine line
  • Relaxing and give you eyes a healthy glow

How to Use & Frequency

Step 1: A warm treatment for 90 seconds per eye at 40°C stimulates blood flow, triggering fresh oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Step 2: A 30-second acupoint stimulation under each eye, with silicone touchpoints, prompts lymph drainage and relieves tensions in the eye muscles to prevent early fine line forming.

Step 3: A 15-second cold treatment at 19°C per eye which constricts blood vessels, making dark circles less visible.

This treatment can be done daily or weekly