Philips - VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device

Philips - VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device


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VisaPure Advanced is a home facial device that brings professional expertise to your skincare routine. Your skin becomes radiant, refreshed and revitalised. Enjoy a clean, soft and revitalized skin with a healthy looking glow. 

VisaPure Advanced is equipped with Customized DualMotion technology. Each head that comes with VisaPure will have specified levels of rotation and vibration. Both the handle and the new attachments are equipped with an innovative NFC tag that enables the advanced Intelligent Head Recognition. This means that the handle immediately recognizes the specific head once put on. In this way, you can enjoy dedicated programs of Customized DualMotion technology for different skincare benefits.

Cleansing with VisaPure means that you remove more make up residue , dead skin cells and dullness. Thanks to the deep cleansing effect, your favorite skincare products such as creams, serums and essences are better absorbed by the skin.

Using the Revitalizing Massage head with its Customized DualMotion program, you will increase the blood circulation and bring life into your skin. This brings out its natural radiance, leaving it looking revitalized and with a healthy glow.