POSE RF Device for Body


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Product Description

TriPollar POSE uses cutting edge technology to shrink fat cells and reduce body circumference. The device is easy to use and also works to improve the appearance of cellulite for a tighter, smoother and more toned body, powered by TriPollar technology, the POSE is the perfect clinically proven alternative to other professional aesthetic procedures. TriPollar POSE delivers immediate as well as long lasting results as the user operates this professional treatment in their own home.

How to Use and Frequency

TriPollar POSE Cellulite Reduction Device provides a means for reducing cellulite in a non-invasive, non-surgical manner as well as being an effective solution for a wide array of aesthetic needs. A treatment regime of 2 – 3 twenty minute treatment sessions per week on the target area, for a period of 6 – 8 weeks, will generate the immediate and desired long-lasting clinical results that you have been dreaming of. You can then top up your treatment whenever you deem necessary after the initial treatment phase.

Warranty: 1 Year