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Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

The Artistry

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Product Description

Do you enjoy washing make-up brushes or hate the chore so much that you avoid cleaning them all together? This electric brush cleaner and dryer takes no more than 20 seconds to clean and completely dry your makeup brush.

Simply mix any brush cleansing solution with water in the specially designed bowl, dip your make-up brushes in and out and watch the device spin your brushes clean and dry in seconds.


  • Quicky and easy to use
  • Keep your makeup brushes hygienic 
  • Fits all types of makeup brushes

How to Use 
1. Add water and a few drops of soap

2. Insert the brush in the corresponding collar

3. Spin the brush inside and outside the water 3 times.

8 different sizes of collars are included to suit for different sizes of brush handles which typically ranges from 5mm to 30mm in diameter.