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Automatic Microneedling Device (Premium)

Tick Tok

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Product Description

A 3-in-1 Automated Microneedling Device with interchanging silicon brush head and Ion message head. This is Tick Tok's premium version which allows essence or lotion to be applied automatically during the massage process. This also ensure serum or lotion is applied to every part of the skin where the needles are touched.


Micro-needling is an anti-aging, skin tightening and collagen stimulation therapy. The treatment creates small punctures to the skin, activating the self-healing mechanism to awaken collagen regeneration, deepen skin care penetration.

The automation means that instead of rolling the needles onto the skin at an angle, the needles are directly pressed down by the machine. This device vibrates 6000 times a minute. Making this an efficient microneedling tool.

Iontophoresis massage uses the principle of positive and negative ions to allow skincare product to effectively penetrate into melanin cell layer in the dermis which further enhance skincare absorption after microneedling treatment.


  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Enhance skin elasticity
  • Reduce size of pores
  • Brighten skin tone

How to use & frequency

1. Thoroughly cleanse skin to remove makeup and impurities. Use the Silicon Cleansing Puff included in this set or your skin 

2. Pour your desired liquid-form skincare product (essence, lotion, ampule ) into the container with microneedles

3. Insert the container with microneedles into the device and start the automated microneedling massage. Simply move the device around the face or concerned area. The application of skincare product and massage will happen at once.

4. Turn off the machine. Change the attachment head to the round shape metal. Turn on the machine to start the iontophoresis massage on the face or concerned area. This helps with skincare penetration and provides a soothing effect.

5. Turn off the machine. Apply generous amount of regenerative cream or hydrate with face mask.

To be used once a week and at night time.

Caution: Slight redness is common and it typically goes away after minutes. Do not puncture the same skin area with the microneedling head more than 10 seconds.