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Micro Mini Blenders Pro


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Product Description

These are mini size teardrop shape makeup sponge.

Ready, set, action! Micro Mini Pro is part of the new "pro collection" and is now available in black as a tribute to the professional makeup artist.

This best-selling micro-sized beautyblender® is made for smaller areas on the face and perfect for concealing, highlighting, contouring and color correcting.

Micro Mini Pro is even better to use when applying darker-toned products that would be difficult to rinse clean from a lighter colored applicator. Use with the beautyblender® exclusive technique of wet,  squeeze, bounce and observe how flawless your camouflaging and contouring can be with the flexibility of the pointed end and the span of the larger end. It provides 360 degrees of edgeless perfection.

Open-cell structure specially-formulated material ensures the sponge is not absorbing your makeup, but rather keeping more on the surface where it belongs, saving you product usage and allowing for better coverage.

Approximately the size of your thumbnail or slightly bigger.


  • Edgeless makeup application.
  • Small size allows it to reach corners of the eyes, nose and mouth easily.