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Contour Sculpting Roller


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Product Specifications

360° Contour Sculpting Roller deeply massage the skin replicating professional kneading massage which helps with lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation.The rollers closely fit body contours to effectively pull and tighten skin. Suitable for facial and body massage. Equipped with ergonomic design for maximum comfort.


  • Relief muscleache
  • Energize tired muscles
  • Improve blood circulation

How to Use & Frequency

  • Take off your accessories such as necklace and earrings before using the roller
  • Tie up your hair to avoid hair entanglement especially hair around the ears.
  • For dry and sensitive skin, please apply some lotion before usage.
  • Place the roller on target area. Generally in the direction towards the heart. For face, roller from center to the side and in upward movement.