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Lash Bubble Bath

Couture de Cils

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Lash Bubble Bath

Lash Bubble Bath is gentle yet effective in removing residual eye makeup and oil after makeup removal.

The delicate but creamy lather can purify eyelids and eyelashes with a fresh clean sensation. Safe to use with eyelash extensions.

Regular use can keep your eyelashes away from mites and prevent blepharitis.

Directions for use:
  • Apply one pump of cleansing bubble on fingertips and gently massage on eyelashes and eyelids area.
  • Allow foam to sit for 20-30 seconds.
  • Gently rinse with water and pad dry.

Lush Bubble Bath 性質溫和,有效去除卸妝後殘留的彩妝和油脂污垢。

細緻柔滑的泡沫能淨化眼簾及睫毛,帶出清新潔淨的感覺。適合用於嫁接睫毛上 。定期使用可以防止瞼炎及蟎蟲滋生。

- 取一按分量的清潔泡沫於指尖上,輕輕按摩睫毛和眼周。
- 讓泡沫靜置20-30秒。
- 輕輕用水洗淨,並印乾睫毛。