Density Hair Fibers


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Product Descriptions

HairMax Hair Fibers are natural keratin protein fibers that blend and statically cling to your existing hair to hide any receding areas. The newly formulated formula makes the fibers fluffier, silkier and lightweight, so they go on smooth and easy – with no clumping. They are uniform in length and width, providing a natural-looking coverage that appears more like real human hair. Hair density and volume are dramatically increased upon application and balding, thinning areas instantly vanish. 

The electrostatic properties provide outstanding adhesion to existing hair, allowing the fibers to securely stay in place through humidity, wind and perspiration. They are also an excellent option to temporarily cover up roots between color treatments.

HairMax Fibers are compatible with hair loss treatments such as HairMax laser light therapy, minoxidil and Propecia. They can also be used after hair transplantation surgery to cover up any temporary post­operative scabs and thinning.

30 gram


  • Instant thicker, fuller, more natural looking hair
  • Smooth, clump free
  • No added bacteriacides or preservatives
  • Made with all natural and organic ingredients
  • Patented funnel design at the top for even dispersion
  • Optional spray top applicator and screw cap top included

How to use & Frequency 

1) Select your desired hair color, Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown.

2) Rinse out any hair gel, creams and other hair products and completely dry your hair.

3) Apply the fibers to your scalp by liberally shaking the bottle in the area you wish to fill in.

4) Gently brush the fibers or pat the fibers to blend them into your hair.

5) Optional to add just a little bit of hairspray for added control.

6) If you need to remove HairMax Hair Fibers from your hair, just wash the product out with any shampoo.

There is no limitation in terms of frequency to use.