Face Roller and Guasha Scrapper Set

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Product Description

Face Roller and Guasha Scrapper are ancient facial therapy ritual used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Face Roller and Guasha Scrapper Set is available in 100% natural Rose Quartz or Jade.

These beauty tools enhance your natural beauty by stimulating circulation for greater skin radiance with natural therapeutic benefits. The Guasha movements help tighten your skin for a more lifted, sculpted look.

Unlike similar rollers in the market, The Artistry Face Roller is noiseless. The Rose Quarts / Jade roller is stabilized by a layer of POM surrounding the metal to avoid the unappealing blackening effect caused by frictions over time.


  • Detox your skin to achieve greater radiance and brighten skin complexion
  • Help release facial tension and get rid of negative energy
  • Can be used under eyes to reduce puffiness and alleviate dark circle
  • Can be used on lips for a plumper pout

How to Use & Frequency

1. First, cleanse your face
2. Apply your favorite serum or moisturizer
3. Start rolling! Use the smaller roller in an outward motion around your eyes and forehead. For your face, neck, and chest use the larger roller in an upward motion.
4. Massage your face for a few minutes daily for best results.
5. (Optional) Apply more moisturizer during the rolling process for extra moisturized skin. This will allow moisturizer/serum to penetrate deeper into the skin.
6. Clean Jade Roller so it is ready for your next use.

The roller can be put in the refrigerator prior to use for shrinking pores or dipped in warm but not hot water for a relaxing and soothing face massage.

Gua Sha Scraper
1. Select the corresponding edge of the Guasha Scraper in accordance with the area of massage.

2. Scrape 20-80 times in one direction on your skin. Never scrap back and forth.

Direction of scrapping

For the eyes, scrape outward.

For the face, scape outward and upward.

For the neck, scape downward.

Warning: Do not wash the Roller or Guasha Scaper in hot water or expose them to harsh chemicals.

Due to variations in the natural stones, each tool will be unique in color and pattern.