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FRAME D3 Nano Mist Spray Set Default Title
FRAME D3 Nano Mist Spray Set Default Title
FRAME D3 Nano Mist Spray Set Default Title


FRAME D3 Nano Mist Spray Set


Product Description

This Nano Mist Spray Set is designed to moisturize your skin while you are on the go. The micro-particle mist spray provides deep hydration for a more radiant supple appearance.

These products are the maximum concentration of the active ingredients of their organic plants grown in the Pollino Park and have been designed to benefit the skin thanks to the micronization carried out by the nano-mist device.


  •  THYME (Purifying) - Thyme essential oil is excellent for protecting the skin in crowded places. Its pungent and lively aroma stimulates the central nervous system, improving mood and calming anxiety. It performs a “pro-aging” protective action, as the powerful combination of organic chemicals in thyme essential oil provide a cleansing, purifying, anti-inflammatory and toning effect on the skin.


  • BASIL (Decongestant) - Basil essential oil has a typically Mediterranean aroma that infuses energy and helps to rebalance emotional states of anxiety and tension, while performing an antioxidant and purifying action on the skin. Known as “the Royal Herb,” it is nourishing, protective, and reparative, and helps to balance, calm, and strengthen the body and mind for enhanced immunity and energy

How to use and Frequency

When it comes to aromatherapy, our body knows best what it needs and will respond accordingly.

  1. Open the different bottles of essential oil and smell them individually. Pause a few seconds to let your mind process the scent.
  2. Select the essential oil that appeals to your senses most at a particular moment. 
  3. Insert a few drops of product directly into the D3 Nano Mist Diffusor and dilute with distilled water if desired. Spray on face and décolleté while keeping your eyes closed
  4. Enjoy the instant boost in skin hydration and your spirit

With essential oil's antibacterial properties, this device will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Rechargeable with USB, cable included


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FRAME D3 Nano Mist Spray Set Default Title

FRAME D3 Nano Mist Spray Set