Light Therapy Glasses


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Product Description

The result of 25 years of university research, the Re-Timer helps users, including frequent travelers, shift workers, and sufferers of sleeplessness and the winter blues, re-time their body clocks in order to reduce jet lag and sleep better.

Generally, using the Re-Timer for up to 60 minutes in the morning for 6–7 mornings in a row may help you manage your sleep trends. Ensure you use your Re-Timer earlier each morning until you reach your desired wake up time.



Assist to speed up jet-lag recovery

Improve sleep trend

Enable user to feel more energized


How to Use & Frequency

1. Put on the Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses

2. Press the on button

3. Carry on with your daily activities at home

4. Wear the device for 60 minutes and treatment is complete

Can be used daily. For best results, use it consecutively for a week, minimum 20 minutes a day. During winter months where user is less exposed to sunlight, can wear the device up to 60 minutes daily.