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Nano Mist Sprayer with LED Therapy


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Product Description

This Colored-light Therapy Nano Atomizer hydrates, freshen and brighten your skin throughout the day. It's compact and light-weight design allows user to moisturize skin throughout the day without damaging their makeup. 


This nano atomizer vibrates more than 140,000 times per second, converting water into mist in the form of nano particles in order to be absorbed into the skin.


Blue Light (470nm) stimulates the dermis layer of the skin to promote collagen regeneration and elastic fiber formation.

Yellow Light (590nm) penetrates deep into the skin to improve blood circulation and improve skin immunity.


  • Refresh & instantly moisturize skin
  • Even & brighten skin tone
  • USB charging method
  • The built-in battery can be used as Power Bank to charge your cell phone

How to use & frequency

1. Fill the water container with mineral / distilled water, rose water or toner

2. Insert the water container into the machine

3. Slide the slider cover down, you'll see emission of mist

4. Select either Blue Light or Yellow Light

5. Spray at a distance of 10-15cm where moisture is needed

Can be used throughout the day, whenever and wherever


Do not fill the water container with lotion, cream or highly viscous essential oil.

Clean the water container regularly.

Keep the USB cable dry.


Product of Korea