Prohair Lab Revitalizing Conditioner

Prohair Lab

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Product Description

Professional haircare conditioner designed to prevent hair loss and revitalize hair follicles with it's unique and patented formula containing Biomimetic Peptides.

Core ingredients include natural plant extracts such as Polygala Tenuifolia Root Extract, Thuja Orientalis Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract. These natural ingredients help remove excess oil and impurities on your hair roots to maintain a good oil balance of your scalp.  


Reduce the rate of hair loss and stimulate hair growth.


How to Use & Frequency

1. Shampoo your hair first with Prohair Lab Revitalizing Shampoo

2. Thoroughly clean your hair.

3. Massage the Prohair Lab Revitalizing Conditioner to your scalp and hair gently for 15 seconds.

4. Leave it for 60 seconds for the ingredients to penetrates to the root and let the ingredients take effect.

5. Cleanse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.