Rapid Renewal Day Mask


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Product Description

The Alvvé Rapid Renewal Day Mask, designed for comfort, makes use of patented nanotechnology to refine the skin’s appearance.

It produces a unique skin lifting effect that mimicks the effects of Botox by smoothing fine lines and flattening wrinkles. Rejuvenates skin by improving cellular respiration as well as blood, lymph and interstitial liquid flow. 

The mask removes plaque of dead cells that contribute to depth and shape of deep wrinkles as well as removes toxins, sebum and other impurities.

Proven to provide long-lasting results after 28-day regimen


Once applied, the mask anchors itself to different compounds on the skin. Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic particles form a 2-D network matrix of long filaments.

Water evaporates and as a result the mask contracts and the filaments are anchored to the skin.

The attraction between the filaments creates a substantial contraction and the network mechanically ‘pulls out’ the wrinkles, drawing the skin taut.

Aqueous liquid penetrates into skin through osmosis causing structure to swell, giving a firm, plumped effect as well as increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage


  • Remove fine lines instantly
  • Reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles
  • Create a more lifted contour
  • An essential beauty regime prior to any important occasion

How to use & frequency

Step 1 - Cleanse - Remove all make up and cleanse your face from impurities with your favorite cleanser. Ensure your face is damped with water

Step 2 - Activation - Activate particles by rubbing sachet for few seconds prior to opening. Massage, shake and squeeze the pouch thoroughly.

Step 3 - Action - Apply with your finger a thin, even layer of the mask on your wet face, including around the mouth and eyes

Step 4 - Relax - Leave mask to dry for 10-15 minutes and then gently wash away with cool water

It is recommended to use daily for 28 days for visible result.