Shine Addict Nail Buffer


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Product Description

The Revlon Shine Addict is an electric nail buffer that provides shine to your natural nails, giving them a polished shiny finish.

This is particularly useful when you want to take a break from constant nail polish application or gel/acrylic nail application but would still like to keep your nails presentable.

The device is 15cm long, a diameter of 3.5cm. Operates  with 2 AAA-batteries.


  • Four rollers included (two for buffing, two for shining)
  • Compact to fit in your handbag

How to Use & Frequency

  • Remove the covering cap
  • Mount a roller
  • Turn on the machine, gently glid the roller on your nails to remove the furrows of your nails.
  • Turn off the machine, replace the attachment with the buffing roller to add shine

The glossyness lasts a few days hence we recommend to use it every week.

Warranty: 1 Year