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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber


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    Product Specifications

    The Ultrasonic Skin Peeler / Scrubber emits high-frequency vibrations, which is an efficient and effective tool to exfoliate, remove grease and blackheads.

    • It is cordless and employs wireless charging technology
    • Intensity levels are adjustable with simple touch-point operation
    • Sleek modern design by award-winning Japanese designer


    • Smoothed and brighten skin
    • Reduce Pore size over time

    Usage Direction

    1) Wet your face with a clean towel.

    2) Apply the device on wet skin. The vibration allows water molecules to penetrate into your skin pores and wash out oil, dead skin cells and dirt.

    3) Gently move the device on the surface of your skin.

    4) Wet your skin again if necessary during the treatment.

    5) Cool your face with wet towel to reduce pore after cleansing.

    6) Apply your favorite skincare products.

    Warranty: 1 Year