Virgin Whitening Cream and Moisturizing Essence


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Product Description

The Yinner Virgin Whitening Cream and Moisturizer are designed for genital whitening and keeping an optimal level of PH in a female's intimate area.

The cream and essence are made with all natural ingredients and are hydroquinone free. The Yinner Virgin essence kills odor-causing bacteria to ensure personal hygiene and prevent unpleasant body odor.


  • Maintain the right PH level
  • Moisture and freshen skin in the intimate area
  • Whiten the skin tone

How to Use & Frequency

Yinner Virgin Moisturizer

Apply daily after shower to the most private area

Yinner Whitening Cream

Virginal whitening: Apply twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Each time, apply two layers. Visible results will be observed as little as two weeks.

The Whitening Cream is suitable for use on nipples, underarm, elbow and knees as well.