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VisaCare Prestige Microdermabrasion Device


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Product Description

Philips VisaCare Prestige is a home microdermabrasion device that invigorates and maintain your skin's natural youthful look. With innovative DualAction Air Lift and Exfoliation system, it massages the skin, encourages blood circulation in deeper skin layer where collagen is produced while removing dead skin cells at the same time.

Your skin becomes radiant and brightened. Enjoy improved skintone with a healthy looking glow. 


Over 150,000 crystal particles on the tip surface, gently remove dead skin cells to speed up normal skin turnover. Using everyday to improve cell renewing capacity and texture, revealing a smooth and brighter-looking complexion.

Air Lift Massage. 25 to 35 kPa suction works on deep down skin layer, stimulates a deeper level of the skin where collagen is produced. Air lift massage enhances blood circulation by 67%, helps the skin to produce more skin cells, resulting a firmer-feeling skin.


  • More radiant, brightened skin.
  • Better skin texture, smoother surface
  • Improve skincare absorption into the skin

How to Use & Frequency

  • use daily or twice a week
  • VisaCare Prestige can be used wet & dry, and is washable under tab. It can be used on a dry face or skin moistened with water. The tip glides over wet skin more easily for a more pleasant and gentle feeling.


Warranty: 1 Year